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Custom Packing Available

At Noorsons we take care of everything, Yes we mean everything, from delivering quality finished products to attention to detail on labels and padding up your product so that your customers get value out of everything

Labels Packaging

Printed labels are available in the single face and double face satin and are a perfect choice for any kinds of garment accessories, home goods, furniture, and footwear, etc. Our company utilizes flexographic ink for purpose of printing labels, the reason behind using this ink is that it does not fade or wash away after being used few times. Your design is printed using white or black satin material, they are soft and highly detailed, and itch-free to your skin. They are the most cost-effective option as compared to woven labels especially clothing designers who are starting out. All the printed labels come with finished edges that will not fray. We offer 3 basic types of printed satin labels.
Woven edge satin, slit edge satin and double face woven edge

Hang Tag

Hang Tag adds value to your clothing and product line by strongly identifying your brand and products on display in an elegant and professional way.

we can customize all kinds of hang tags to meet your needs. It can be of any shape, size, color material, or thickness.

Paper is widely used, but we can produce hang tags from rubber, plastic, bamboo, canvas, cotton twill, woven labels, etc.
Colors: We use PantoneTM colors to match the ink, including metallic colors. We also have a wide variety of metallic foil prints that can be used. Please note that a 100% color match is not guaranteed but we strive to come as close as possible to the Pantone color provided.

Polybag Packaging

Polybagging is a simple process where a printed item or small loose items can be hand inserted into polybags and sealed. Polybagging usually falls under the mailing service banner, but it can be used for packaging and kitting as well.