Our Fabrics

Our Knitwear products are made in 100% Cotton and blended fabrics.
The fabrics we normally work with are Jerseys, Piques, Ribs, Interlock, Engineered Striper, Sweat, French ribs (Flat back), Herringbone, Terry, Fleece (Sweat) etc. Most of these fabrics are also done with Lycra/spandex.


A man-made synthetic fabric that is lightweight and comfortable for outer and loungewear. With its anti-perspiration properties, it is regarded as the number 1 fabric for hoodies and jogging suits
Available in the blended material
Used in Hoodies, jogging suits, and sportswear

French Terry

A knit fabric similar to jersey but a bit lighter than fleece. It keeps you cool with moisture absorbent properties.
Contains soft loops on one side and soft piles of yarn on the other
Available in cotton poly blends

Single Jersey

Available in blends of cotton, poly, and spandex
It is a weft-knitted fabric i.e. single layer of fabric
Used in Tshirts, underwear, leggings, sleepwear


Available in poly & cotton
A knit fabric with patterns of ribbing or cording. Soft feel.
Used in polo shirts and casual wear


Available poly, cotton & spandex
Used in muscle shirts and Gym wear